RV Camping Hacks That Will Make Camping Easier, More Fun, Less Work, Less Stressful, More Creative

RV Camping can often times be in remote locations, whereby you may not have quick access to convenience of a store or other services. These hacks/tips can be created often times with extra items you have around the house and will help you enjoy your stay no matter where you are or what the conditions may be.

Here are 10 RV Hacks that will help you enjoy your northern California camping experience.

rv camping hacksStorage

  • Increase Storage space using your shower. You can use an adjustable pole with hangers and store more clothing.
  • Bungee Cords, Straps, Carabiners , Command Hooks can be used to tie or strap loose items, and keep them from moving around.
  • Kitchen supplies can be stored in file folders
  • Oven space can be used as storage when you're not cooking.

Indoor Temperature Control

  • Styrofoam can used to seal vents and areas where you can feel cold air creeping in.
  • Vent cushions do a wonderful job of blocking cold air, and you can use many different types of products.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

  • LED Rope Lighting for both indoor and outdoor use is indispensable. You can buy rope lighting in different sizes to fit different needs. For outdoor use you can string a 10ft - 20 ft rope outside your rv or trailer for night time use. In case you need lights for reading or privacy indoors there are shorter ropes that you can purchase for that use. They work wonders! Especially with children. We would also recommend shorter ropes with usb connectors that can be plugged into a battery or laptop.

Privacy and Decoration

  • Sometimes parks and even when you're not camping in a park you can have neighbors, and a little privacy is nice. You can use adhesive film to place on your windows, or use old sheets for curtains. Many campers use crib sheets to cover cushions and or windows. Much of these you can find at thrift shops so it won't break your budget.

Backup Batteries

  • When camping you never know what the weather will be like, or the power source. Carrying back batteries is extremely useful. Our recommendation is to have at least one 150Wh/100W portable battery on hand. There are numerous brands on the market, you don't have to spend a ton of money for a good one and we can promise you that someday you will use it.
There you go! Some useful RV camping hacks that will help you to better enjoy your RV camping experience in Northern California or no matter where you are.

rv camping hacks

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